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what people are saying about mavino vegan wines
Based on 341 reviews
Great & no added sugar!

Love the wine & customer service is done by the owners, who are so helpful.

Crisp, balanced

Great sauv blanc! Love the flavor & the ability to have a glass at a time without worrying about it going bad!

Amazing Wine

The best wine I've had in some time! Great taste, love that I can pour 1 glass & the rest is still amazingly fresh the next time I want another glass. Highly recommend everyone has a bag of Maivino Rose in the fridge for the summer!

Debbie Z
Surprisingly Delicious and Fun Conversation Starter

I was a little nervous to try an "orange" (amber) wine because I had read about orange wines online and some people said you either love them or hate them. I'm already a maivino fan (sauvignon blanc is my fave, followed by rose!) so I was eager to try maivino's amber. To say I was surprised was an understatement! I loved it! Not only that, but my whole family loved it- I served it with dinner when my in-laws visited and it became our topic of conversation and everyone was excited to try it. It has an earthy flavor, not overly sweet, and went well with pretty much anything we were eating. I actually just came back here to order more and figured I would leave a review while I was at it. This is a fun wine to bring to parties or events, because not only is it in maivino's unique packaging, but now you have the amber/orange wine to talk about with guests, too. Highly recommend!

Andrew Geoffrey Beres
Well worth the wait!

So glad Amber is finally here - complex but quaffable, interesting but approachable, and a perfect summer wine.

The PERFECT wine

This is even better than the white and the white is so good!!! This has a light earthiness that I love about orange wines but is not super funky, so is very versatile. I’ve had it with chicken curry, pasta, grilled steak, crab cakes, and it all works. Love that I can have just half a glass at anytime!!

Sauv Blanc
Andrea Strong

So good and sustainable and cost effective. I love this wine.

Sauv Blanc
Great anytime white!

Easy, always goes with whatever I’m eating

Love this pack!

its great

Wish the packaging was recyclable

I enjoyed all 3 wines. Unfortunately the packaging is not recyclable. I’ll stick with purchasing bottled wine knowing that I can recycle the glass bottles. Maybe try partnering with TerraCycle to offer special mailers where the packaging can be shipped to them for recycling.

Melissa Brown
My favorite

I would buy this rosé by the barrel if I could.

I recently stocked up on Maivino for a work function and it was such a hit!
Everyone loved the wine and that it was organic. We will definitely do more orders in the future.
We can't wait for the orange wine for our next get-together!

Organic Sampler
Alicia Castillo
Very interesting Innovation

Quality of the wine is excellent. I like to have a good glass of wine without throwing the bottle or having a couple of days to drink it all. It is a convenient, yet usually package.

The best!

Always gotta have Maivino in stock. It’s delicious and the best host gift to bring to a gathering of any kind. Love the new look!

So easy and delicious

Can always rely on Maivino for a delicious wine that goes with everything! Love being able to pour myself a small glass if that’s all I want and not feel like I have to finish a bottle in the next few days.


Smooth, pairs well with most foods!

Love the Organic Sampler!

We enjoyed the new organic sauvignon blanc and the organic rosè so much. I am always on the hunt for delicious organic and natural wines, which can be hard to find and then, are often not great Not the case here! The rosè was particularly wonderful. Thank you for making these wines available.

Pinot Noir
Smooth and drinkable

A very nice every day table wine, pairs well with most foods.

So convenient! So tasty!

I have a standing monthly subscription for the sampler, and I absolutely love it. It's the best option for a park picnic, and whenever I bring them to a friend's house for a dinner party, people are always intrigued. The wine doesn't go bad in this packaging, so there's no pressure to "finish a bottle," which is perfect for when you just want a single glass while you're making dinner. Highly recommend.

This Sauvignon Blanc is a WINNER!! Crisp, light and very easy to drink

I loved this Sauvignon Blanc because it was not too green or tart. It was super easy to drink a glass or two with or after dinner yet not feel as though I had a major buzz. Yummmm....

Organic Sampler
Barbara Huber
Birthday gift

It was a gift but she’s subsequently ordered her own sixers so it sounds positive.

Organic Sampler
Andrew Geoffrey Beres
Keeps Getting Better

Loving the new wines and, of course, good old same day delivery! Looking forward to the orange and white releases!!

Light, refreshing and love the compact “bag”

A nice crisp, light rose wine.

Excellent wines. I enjoyed them a lot.

Better than box wine

It’s good quality wine in a bag. This is my second time buying from maivino. I do prefer the Pinot noir save the grapes better than this one. I do prefer the taste of it when chilled vs room temp. It saves me a lot of money especially when having people over.