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Pinot Noir

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0
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Origin: Curicó Valley, Chile

Ingredients: 100% Organic Grapes, 100% Indigenous Yeast , 100% Pinot Noir, Vegan-Friendly 

Flavor profile: A vibrant red berry sprinkled with white pepper

Notes: Enjoy with a slight chill 

Alc: 13.2%

Dry: 2/5

(1 = Dry, 5 = Sweet)

Body: 2/5

(1 = Light Body, 5 = Heavy Body)

Vol: 1.5L (equivalent of 2 bottles or 10 glasses)

Packaging: Airtight spout keeps wine fresh for 30 days after your first glass and reduces wine's carbon footprint by 80%

Customer Reviews

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Smooth and drinkable

A very nice every day table wine, pairs well with most foods.

Our wine philosophy

Work with people who care

We respect the land and hands behind the wine and work with those who share our ethos.

Organic farming

Today, only 3% of wine sold in the US is organic. We believe this should be the standard. All our vineyards practice organic farming free of pesticides and herbicides.

Use of Indigeneous Yeast

Our wines are fermented with yeast native to the vineyards which results in a longer fermentation time. Fermentation is when yeast converts sugar in the grape into alcohol. Using indigenous yeast produces more complex and layered tasting notes.

What we don't do

🚫 No pesticides or herbicides

🚫 No mega purple dye

🚫 No sawdust

🚫 No added sugar