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Buy Wine Online and Have It Delivered Straight to Your Door

In a world where it’s possible to have almost anything delivered to your doorstep, it only makes sense to have wine delivered. Here at Mai Vino, we provide high-quality wines for wine lovers like you, delivered straight to your door.

In a world where it’s possible to have almost anything delivered to your doorstep, you’d be suprised how difficult it was for us to start deliverying direct to consumer. In alcohol, there is a three tier system, which means that producer needs to sell to a distributor who then is the only person that can sell it to the retailer.

At every stage, someone takes a cut, increasing the price of the wine, but also leaving wine choice in the hands of the distributor. Unfortunately, that means, most distributors will prefer offering big name brands they know that will sell. Often times those big name wine companies will fill their wine with additives and use unsustainable farming practices. It’s not a surprise that only 1% of one sold in the US is organic. 

The only away around this is being winery and acquiring direct to consumer shipping licenses.  However, even if you are a winery, you still need to acquire direct shipping licesnes which can be quite expensive for a small business. 

Mai Vino is a small business founded by two females who want to change it all. We want to offer consumers great wines at affordable prices. Today we ship direct to consumer in seventeen states and we’ve been fortunate enough to be picked up by distributors in eight states who care about quality. 

What’s Special About Mai Vino?

We pride ourselves on taking a fresh and green approach to the wine industry. While some sommeliers will argue that glass is the best container for wine, glass bottles of wine pose a few major flaws that need to be addressed.

In 2022, it was estimated that only about 31 percent of glass is recycled in the United States each year. When compared with the high recycle rates and percentages of Europe, Belgium, and Sweden, the United States is falling short. 

Here at Mai Vino, we’re on a mission to change this. That’s why all of our organic, handmade wines come in a convenient and stylish pouches. We’re heading into the new year looking to spread the word about sustainable and delicious wines. Enjoying your wine in pouches rather than from a glass bottle reduces wine’s carbon footprint by 80% — that’s something to toast to.

Where Does Mai Vino Wine Come From?

One thing that you’ll always get from Mai Vino is transparency. On each of our eco-friendly wine pouches, you will find the origin and importer of that specific wine.

Our Rosé comes from Navarra, SpainSpain’s warm climate creates a subtle yet palpable sweetness that perfectly complements our light and crisp rosé.

Mai Vino Sauvignon Blanc, or “Sauv Blanc” originates from Curicó Valley, Chile. This is another wine that presents a lovely warm, tropical, and sweet flavor profile, with just a hint of lime.

Our Pinot Noir is also curated in Curicó Valley, Chile. Best enjoyed with a slight chill, this red wine highlights vibrant bright berries with a perfect zesty hint of white pepper.

Mai Vino Orange Wine originates from Itata Valley, Chile. This lively and tasty varietal will be available for purchase on our online wine shop very soon; March 2023!

Handcrafted Organic Natural Wines Delivered To Your Door

We’re a female-founded winery based out of New York to change the sustainable wine game.

Enjoying a glass of excellent wine shouldn’t be difficult, expensive, or harmful to the environment. We’re proud to create some of the best wines free from pesticides and herbicides.

You don’t have to be part of an expensive wine club to access great wines online. Check out our online wine store to browse our current trending wine collection and buy wine online. From Rosé to white wines like Sauvignon Blanc to red like Pinot Noir we’ve got something for everyone. You can expect your delicious new wine to arrive on your doorstep in 1-4 business days.

In addition to our wine delivery services, our products are available in over 400 physical wine retailers; use our wine store locator to pick up some Mai Vino near you.