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wine more, waste less


Tap and pouch keeps oxygen out which means opened wine stays fresh for 32 days


We strip wines of middlemen markups and ship direct to you 


Unique undiscovered high-quality wines sold at half the cost

🍷Wine Time

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Your opportunity to win wine at dirt cheap prices & same-day delivery (offered only in NY at the moment)

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our story

Hi!👋🏼 I'm Mai (pronounced MY) and I started this company because I like wine. I like wine, but I hate committing to a nice bottle on a the only reasonable thing to do is to start a wine company that makes having just a high-quality glass of wine possible by packaging it in a pouch that keeps wine fresh for 30 days after opening. I hope you enjoy our first release, sign up to be notified of our next one! (it'll be a 🍷)!