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The Most Common Questions About White Wine with Answers

White wine is an exciting category with something for every budget, palate, and occasion. There are hundreds of white wine grapes! At Mai Vino, we love working with white wines, and we’ve learned a lot from the dedicated organic growers and winemakers that help us bring you the finest white wines in the market. Let us share some of what we know about white wine with you.

When we talk about white wine, the grapes matter. France brought the distinguished Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio) to the table. Germany is all about Riesling (famous in Alsace, too). Italian winemakers love their fruity Moscato (Muscat) and their herbal Vermentino (Italy loves white wine.) Spain has its Albariño. Every country and wine region has its favorite white varietal, and they’re all sources of the best white wines in the world.

Let’s answer the most common questions about white wine, from the types of white wine to the difference between oaky wine and unoaked examples fermented and aged in stainless steel. Let’s talk about sweet wine and sparkling wine. Let’s talk about every wine grape behind every popular white wine.

You don’t need to be a sommelier to appreciate the thirst-quenching acidity in white wine and its aromas redolent of tropical fruit, honeysuckle, grapefruit, apricot, and green apple. Close your eyes, stick your nose into your wine glass, and you’ll pick up these scents and much more! White wine is noble like that.

White Wine FAQ

What are the most popular white wines?

Winemakers worldwide make white wine with a wide variety of grapes, but some wine styles are recognized by all as classic examples for the category. Chardonnay from California and Burgundy, Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, and Chile or German Riesling. Every region has its white wines, and many of them are reasonably popular.

What is the most popular white wine grape?

The most popular white wine grape is Chardonnay. The grape is native to Burgundy but grows everywhere, from California to Argentina, Australia to New Zealand, and Austria to Portugal. Chardonnay is the most planted white grape in the world! This grape is also the most neutral grape. This allows the flavors to be influenced by by where it is grown, picking up flavors and characteristics from its soil and climate. The second most popular  white grape in terms of popularity is Sauvignon Blanc — the grape is planted everywhere, but for thirst-quenching wines, organic Sauvignon Blanc from Chile and Washington State’s Columbia Valley is hard to beat.

Which white wine is best?

Before we get started, let’s tackle the most pressing question. What is the best white wine? That’s up to you, as we all like ours differently. Still, I highly suggest you buy organic, sustainable wine. At Mai Vino, we go to great lengths to offer delicious wine that’s also organic — good for you and the environment. For starters, organic wine is better for the planet. We work with grapes grown without pesticides or herbicides, because not only is it better for the land, but it also reduces wine's carbon emissions.. And there’s more, our handy wine pouches with an air-tight spout reduce the wine’s carbon footprint by up to 80%! At Mai Vino we look at every step of production and employ the best practices as it relates to the wine and the environment.

Is white wine sweet or dry?

Dry wine is more common than sweet wine, but you can find sweet and dry white wines easily — they’re both delicious! Sparkling wine is also often considered white and comes in all sweetness levels.

What are some white wines to try as a beginner?

Some remarkable white wines not mentioned above include Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley, Gewürztraminer from New Zealand, Viognier from the Rhone Valley, Semillon from Bordeaux, Asti from Italy, Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, and Chardonnay from South Africa.

What is the alcohol percentage in white wine?

Alcohol levels in white wine range from 10 to 13% ABV. The riper the grapes, the more sugar they accumulate. This can produce higher alcohol wines with less sugar as during the fermentation process yeast converts the sugar into alcohol. However this is all dependent on the winemaker’s preference. Cooler climate wine regions tend to have lower alcohol wines because with a shorter ripening period, wines are left with less sugar. 

What type of grapes are used for white wine?

White wine is made with white-skinned grapes (or rather green), with some exceptions. Winemakers in Champagne make white (sparkling wine) with red grapes, mainly Pinot Noir!

What is the difference between white wine and red wine?

Red wine is made with red grapes; red grapes contain pigments and tannins, the gritty particles that cause a drying sensation in your mouth. Another significant difference between red and white wine is that most red wine ages in oak barrels, but only a few white wines do. On the other hand, rosé is also made with red grapes, but it shares many similarities with white wine.

How many calories are in a glass of white wine?

A glass of dry white wine (5 ounces) on average contains 120 calories. Sweet white wine, AKA dessert wine, has at least twice as many calories.

What does white wine usually mix well with?

White wine is an excellent companion at the table, especially when paired with white meat and seafood dishes. 

Our White Wine is Awesome

No matter what type of white wine you choose, the pale wine style is always crowd-pleasing and delicious. Take your vinous enjoyment to the next level with Mai Vino organic wines. Always fresh, made with organic grapes and fermented with native yeast, all in a handy wine pouch with a resealable air-tight spout. The wine stays fresh for up to 30 days after you your first glass.

Where to start? Try our organic Sauvignon Blanc from Washington’s Columbia Valley and Chile. Both these wines are unique in that they have a little Riesling added to it which delivers beautiful flora aromas and minerality. These are lovely stand-alone wines ideal for warm weather, but they have excellent compatibility at the table; from sushi to tossed salads. If you need an easy delicious wine - Mai Vino Sauv Blanc has you covered.