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Get a Wine Subscription Gift for Yourself or a Loved One

Wine is a noble beverage. Despite being simple, the fermented grape juice smells and tastes like anything but grapes — wine offers an infinite range of aromas and textures, and it can take you to foreign lands with every sip. That’s the world of wine and its beauty. International wine, from biodynamic and natural wines to the best California wine; they’re all a click away.

Mai Vino wines represent our passion for fine wine, but they are also a statement — fine wine should be chemical- free and easy to drink. That’s why we work with  organically grown grapes and turn them into  wine using native yeast — we also package them in eco-friendly wine poaches with low environmental impact. Enjoying fine wine is easier than ever — now get it delivered to your doorstep with a wine subscription!

The Perfect Wine Gift

If you are into wine or know someone who is, you surely know finding the right gift for a wine lover is no easy feat. Still, we often overthink wine gifts because the best gift for a wine lover is wine itself, which any wine enthusiast will always welcome.

Of course, choosing the right wine for someone is equally complicated — we all like different things! Even the wines you love may not be as attractive to someone else. That’s where the gift of a wine subscription is perfect. The best wine, including red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and rosé made by passionate winemakers in state-of-the-art wineries is available with a wine of the month club.

You might not be able to choose the right wine for everyone, but you can select the type of wine you want to gift. Here’s what to look for in a wine subscription.

How to Choose the Right Wine Subscription

When choosing a wine subscription or joining a wine club, there are a few key things to consider. Quality matters, and so does provenance, and we’re also considering sustainability. After all, wine is compatible with the most health-oriented and environmental trends. Quality wines usually become everyone’s favorite wines, and it’s because high quality is not something easy to achieve. Connoisseurs appreciate the hard work behind their bottles of wine. You need no algorithm; choose the wine you love!

    • Is the wine of the right quality? Not all wine is created equal, and many of them disappoint. When buying a wine subscription, ensure the wine comes from a reputable producer in a well-known wine region. Chile, France, the USA, Spain, and Italy are consistent sources of fine wine, but there are others. Sommelier picks usually include tasting notes, like those you find in any wine shop – every bit of information you can get help.
    • Is the wine interesting? Today, the most interesting wine is fermented with indigenous yeast. The wine shouldn’t taste like industrial wine straight from a factory — it should be produced artisanally. These wines are rare, but they’re worth looking for. All bright cellars produce interesting wine, and the best wine subscription will ensure its wine is hand-picked from the best for the wine drinker to enjoy.
    • Is the wine environmentally friendly? This matters more than ever. No matter your wine subscription, ensure the wine is made with organically grown grapes. Even better if it is stored in packaging with a low carbon footprint. Wine subscription services vary, from wine subscription boxes to gift cards. Some come with six bottles of wine every month and others contain blends of wine regions. Either way, what matters most is that the wine is sustainable and earth-friendly.
  • Is the subscription flexible or customizable? Like the seasons, our tastes change. Having a customizable and flexible subscription is key. At Mai Vino we make it easy to update your subscription from month to month and skip whenever you’ve had enough. 

    Mai Vino Wine Subscription

    For wine gifts, Mai Vino wine subscriptions check all the right boxes. The wine is enjoyable, innovative, all-natural, and convenient — thanks to its wine pouch and air-tight spout, it stays fresh even after 30 days of opening it! Explore our wine selection, and don’t settle for a single bottle of great wine, enjoy it one glass at a time at your own pace. New wines are available every few months! And your order is fully customizable.

    Enjoy your favorite award-winning varietal, from Pinot Noir to Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, dry wines, or sweet wines, and treat yourself to lesser-known wine styles like orange wine. All Mai Vino wine expresses its terroir beautifully, making every glass of wine an authentic journey. Join our wine subscription and get one for a special someone — there’s no purest gift than wine, and we mean fine wine, not plonk bottles of cheap stuff.

    Become a club member, join our cellars wine club, and instead of opening full-size bottles, enjoy wine by the glass with a monthly subscription. Wine awesomeness is truly felt in wine tasting, and you can discover more about your taste preferences when you don’t have to worry about finishing a bottle.