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Adding a Little Convenience and Luxury to Your Camping Trip with Mai Vino

No matter what type of camping you enjoy, whether it be Glamping, Backpacking or the great American pastime of RV Camping you don’t have to leave your wine behind or buy cheap wine

Here are a few tips on how to include wine on your next camping adventure with Mai Vino.

Recommended Wine Supplies 

Best Packaging: Pouches

Bringing wine on a camping trip traditionally requires some forward thinking since standard wine bottles are heavy, take up space in your pack, require a corkscrew, and if you need to chill the wine in question, is there a stream nearby where you can safely harbor the wine for an hour to reach the right temperature?

We recommend buying wine that is light weight i.e. anything but glass. Our preference is the Mai Vino Bagnum. Coming in at 3lbs per Magnum vs 6lbs , Mai Vino holds two bottles, takes up minimal space in your pack and gets lighter as you drink. In addition, our Bagnum can be rapidly cooled down in a stream in 15 minutes, eliminates the need for a corkscrew and attached to your back pack with a carabiner. 


Best Glassware: Unbreakable Silicone Cups 

We think the best glassware are these silicone unbreakable camping wine glasses that are shatterproof and BPA-free are a solid option. These  stemless wine glasses are light weight, can be folded, and is dishwasher safe

 Another option is a wine tumbler made from stainless steel. The advantage of a stainless steel is adouble-wall insulated design to keep the wine safe from excessive heat though space and weight might  be an  issue if you’re hiking far.


Best Camping Wine: Depends on the Weather 

Since you’ll spend most of your time outside, the weather should be a consideration. If you know there will be chilly evenings, you may want to choose heavier, richer wines that will help combat the cold. Big, tannic reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec are great choices. If you prefer whites, choose a rich wine like an oaky Chardonnay.

If you know it’ll be a bit warmer, reach for the lighter wines. For white wines, grab something with higher acid, like Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. Red wines can also work, just look for lighter reds that taste good with a slight chill, like Gamay or Pinot Noir.

Aside from the weather, you can also choose wines based on the food you will be eating. If you are planning on using the grill, reach for big, rich reds that can match up to rich cuts of meat most often used for grilling. If you prefer lighter wines, rosé also makes an excellent and more refreshing choice for grilled meats. 

If you are getting overwhelmed with the amount of choices, just remember there is no perfect wine and you can never go wrong bringing a few of your favorite wines

Creating a Wine-Focused Camping Trip

To create the ultimate wine lover’s camping trip visit wine country. Many famous wine regions have nearby parks that make great camping destinations.  During the day you can visit wineries and participate in wine tastings, and in the evenings return to your campsite. 

Bringing wine on camping trips no longer has to be challenging. And just because you don’t want to carry heavy, breakable glass bottles doesn’t mean you have to settle for lower-quality wine. At Mai Vino we put our quality, organic wine in bags, making it more portable and easy to drink no fuss organic wines while you’re glamping or camping..