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Get to Know 🤓 Your Whites

🤔thoughts from me, mai!

Happy Oscars Night! For the first time since 1989, the Oscars has gone hostless - hopefully, it’s not a disaster, and if it is, at least it’ll be memorable!

So last week we talked about🍷red wine styles, this week we’re doing the whites. A recent national survey showed that 57.8% of Americans prefer red wine to white. It seems like 📱Apple feels the same way, where's our white wine emoji🧐! While whites often get poo-pooed 💩for not having as much depth as reds, we beg to differ! They are refreshing and can be quite interesting - you just need to know where to look ;).

light & delicate 🧚‍♀️

  • These wines are light, fresh and easy to sip. They aren’t too demanding and won’t overpower you with flavors. If you taste closely, you’ll find subtle notes of citrus and white fruits. Pinot Grigio is a classic example of this style.

crisp & bright 🍋

  • These wines are edgy and will awaken your palate. They are high-acid wines with little strong fruit flavors or sugar. Classic examples are Sancerre, Muscadet, or Chablis.

aromatic & fruity 🍍

  • Smell ‘em, and you’ll know ‘em. They have strong aromas like tropical fruits, flowers, peaches, honey, to grass. These wines can be dry or sweet. Wines to smell and sip - Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Viognier.

rich & complex 🍿

  • These guys are bold and will have varying levels of oakiness. The oak will impart a creaminess to the wine and balance its fruit flavors. Think Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc or Viognier.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot them over and we'll cover it in upcoming newsletters :)!



🧐wine talk

mexico is making some lovely wines though its most famous for its tequila, mezcal, and beers - wine has often been an ignored middle child. All this is changing with Valle De Guadalupe, a valley in Baja Norte, just south of the Californian border. This region has a Mediterranean microclimate and 1,000 ft elevation, and with the recent opening of several boutique hotels and fancy restaurants, it's a new hipper Napa alternative. We hope that it doesn’t get ruined like Tulum. 🙃

wine pairings are bullsh*t says a Tim Hann, a master sommelier “A perfect wine pairing doesn’t exist. We’re doing a lot of damage the way we’re matching wine and categorizing it. We need to start a campaign to stop wine and food pairing as we’ve created a lot of bullsh*t around the idea.” We agree with Tim that there is no PERFECT wine and food pairing. It's dependent on a person’s taste and needs- i.e., it’s 80 degrees outside having a steak with a white wine sounds perfect.  

 🍽where to wine or dine this week

check out homemade udon at hanon in williamsburg  - a new udon restaurant has just opened up with two unlikely owners - a Japanese production company Rock’n Roll Japan and condom maker Sagami Rubber who claims to make the world’s thinnest condoms. But back to the food, you can find two kinds of udon a white Zenryufun and green Sasauchi.

📖what we're reading this week

we decided not to read this week 🤓but instead binged on Netflix’s cringe-worthy Dating Around a show that follows one person as they go on five blind dates. If you want to skip to the cutest date, watch episode 4 which follows Leonard an adorable 70 years old who reminds you that dating is always awkward no matter how much “life” you’ve lived.



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