⚔️ game of thrones 🍷drinking & 🍽 eating guide

⚔️ game of thrones 🍷drinking & 🍽 eating guide

🤔thoughts from me, mai

Raise your goblet 🍷, it’s Sunday, and we'd like to interrupt our regular programming to celebrate the premiere of the final season of GOT ⚔️.



🏙maivino around town (NYC)

BUT FIRST A PSA, join us for "healthy hour" this Wednesday featuring FlexIt, a gym time on demand app, NormaTec a recovery room (a perfect way to get your tired 💪muscles back in shape), cold press juices, wine, light bites, and giveaways. RSVP here.

📺what we're watching  

GAME OF THRONES. If you need a refresher, get the digest from NY Times Watching Guide.

🍷what we're wine-ing on 

start the night off with a hippocras wine mixer this wine is a 🌺High Garden Speciality and made by mixing wine with sugar and spices (cinnamon). Sounds like mulled wine to us? Cersei’s 🔥hot take -  “A man may prefer the taste of hippocras, yet if you set a tankard of ale before him, he will quaff it quick enough.” 🤷‍♂️

move on to cersei’s arbor red which originates from Arbor, one of the 🤑richest places in Westeros that lie in its Southernmost region. You'll never find 👸🏼Cersei without it- it is the most common 🍷red wine in Westeros for the High Born and is often called Red Water 💧. The modern-day equivalent is an Italian Nebbiolo.

top yourself off with arbor gold ☝️Little Finger has said “I can get anything with lies & Arbor gold. A sweet, rich golden wine whose suspected equivalent is Sauternes — the dessert wine from the Bordeaux of France which, has been described to taste “like heaven” - rich 🍑golden fruit dipped with 🍯honey and spiked with a touch of acidity 🍋.

🍽what we're dine-ing on

shake shack’s secret menu inspired by the meeting of fire and ice delivers a swoon-worthy pairing of Dracarys Burger with a Dragonglass Shake.




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