how to get a bang for yr buck 💵when ordering 🍷at restaurants

how to get a bang for yr buck 💵when ordering 🍷at restaurants

🤔thoughts from me, mai

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🧐wine talk

wine windows of florence were a direct-to-consumer storefront for Florentines in the 1600s. (find the mini door to the right of the normal sized door 🤓) totally unique to Florentine architecture, dating back to the Medici period in 1559, a law in Italy authorized producers to sell wine from 👨‍🌾family estates directly to the general public via the cantina or basement of their palazzi. The doors🚪gave the citizens of Florence direct access to the producer.

when ordering wine get third/fourth-cheapest, not the second "I can confirm that restaurants will occasionally reprice a wine that they need to move to make it the second-cheapest spot on the menu," sommelier Kirsten Vicenza tells Atlas Obscura. "It sells!" 🙄According to Wine Enthusiast, the cheapest wines tend to have the highest markups 📈, so while your bill may be lower than if you had ordered a top-tier wine, you're also getting the lowest value 😔 - to make sure you don't get got - order the 3rd or 4th cheapest.

“weird” for baby boomers is the new normal for the “kids/millennials”

♥️chilled reds, canned wine, 🧡orange wine, year-round 💖pink wine. What was once was abhorrent to baby boomers is now embraced by the “kids”. This shift is generational and aesthetic — children taking over estates and making wines they and their friends would drink pushing wine toward the lighter and fresher, and more convenient. We say why not?

greg popovich, head coach of the spurs and food & wine  Chef Wolfgang Puck says simply: "[Popovich] knows wine." While those close to him, report that the Spurs’ practice facility looks like a wine cellar with bottles and cases stacked all over the place 🍾🍾🍾. ESPN dives into the Greg Popovich love of great food and wine - some of his faves are  Sistina and Scalinatella in New York,  Il Gabbiano in Miami, and Seven Hills in San Francisco. Based on this list, it looks like he has a thing for Italian ;)

🍽what we're wine/dine-ing on

punk rock sake bar that has endured the test of time. if you conceived of it today, it would feel utterly contrived, as though you’d drunk too much cough syrup and were dreaming up hotel-bar concepts with Ian Schrager. Decibel came about in the last days of the 20th century - and was New York’s first 🍶Sake bar. Like its 25 year tenure, it's 👩‍🎤punk rock aesthetic has endured which is a feat in the New York restaurant scene.

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