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The Best Sauvignon Blanc for Every Occasion: A Guide to Pairing and Serving

For generations, Sauvignon Blanc has remained a firm favorite for white wine lovers the world over. Before pouring yourself a glass, you should know some things about this popular type of wine; let’s break it all down.

What is Sauvignon Blanc Wine?

Sauvignon Blanc gets its name from the white grape from which it is made. While Sauvignon Blanc grapes are now grown worldwide, they are native to France’s Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Sancerre, and Pouilly-Fume wine regions.

This pale green grape variety gets its name from the French word Sauvage, which means “wild”. It provides a fresh, herbaceous, and green taste with a strong minerality that is unique from other types of white wine like Chardonnay, with hints of the following aromatic flavors:

  • Grapefruit
  • Lime Zest
  • Cut Grass
  • Jalapeños
  • Bell Peppers
  • Green Apple
  • Kiwi
  • Passion Fruit
  • Gooseberry
  • White Peach
  • Stone Fruit

In addition to Sauvignon Blanc wine, this type of grape is also blended with Semillon and/or Muscadelle to make Sauternes.

When winemakers blend Cabernet Franc with Sauvignon Blanc the end result is Cabernet Sauvignon, a popular type of red wine.

Depending on the region in which it is grown, this white grape can produce a wine that favors tropical fruit notes and fruit flavors or a dry and zesty wine with savory and earthy aromas.

The soil in which the grape is grown plays a large role in the overall flavor profile; cool climates produce a more robust wine, while warm climates produce sweeter varietals.

Where does Sauvignon Blanc Come From?

Sauvignon Blanc is produced worldwide and found in cellars all around the world, with some of the notable winemakers in the following appellations:

  • New Zealand (most New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs come from Marlborough)
  • USA (specifically California’s Sonoma County, Napa Valley, and Casablanca Valley, as well as the Russian River Valley)
  • Chile
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Italy (specifically the Alto Adige and Friuli regions)
  • France (specifically the Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume regions)

    Sauvignon Blanc Food Pairings

    If you plan to serve Sauvignon Blanc, it’s important to know how to make it truly shine.

    Sauvignon Blanc, made in stainless steel, should always be served ice cold. Alternatively, Sauvignon Blanc, which has been oak-aged, should be slightly chilled.

    This delicious type of white wine is extremely “food-friendly.” It pairs very well with the following:

    • Fresh and light cheeses like ricotta or chevre
    • Chicken dishes
    • Fish dishes (specifically white fish)
    • Fresh herb vinaigrettes and sauces
    • Crisp salads

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