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An Alternative to Box Wine

Mai Vino: An Alternative to Box Wine

Here at Mai Vino, we want to share our love of wines with everyone. Many people covet the cheaper price point and convenience of the iconic bag-in-box wine. But did you know that plenty of high-quality wines are available in portable packaging? 

Is Wine in a Box Any Good?

Those exploring their options outside of bottled wine usually have the same questions: 

Why is box wine so affordable? Does that mean boxed wine is low quality? What is the difference between boxed wine and bottled wine?

The truth? There isn't a difference in quality between the two options – at least not one, dependent upon their respective containers. Historically, only cheap wine was packaged in a box. Not so long ago, only cheap wine came in a screwtop. 

However, whether your wine comes in a screwtop, a cork, a box, a pouch, or a can - at the end of the day, it's what’s on the inside that matters, and this is the most important thing to remember. As the saying goes - you should never judge a book by its cover. There are plenty of wines in bottles that are considered cheap plonk and wouldn’t hold a candle to boxed wine. 

Why the Best Boxed Wines and Alternative Packaged Wines are Simply Better 

The most significant difference between boxed wine and bottles is that bottles are great for aging wine over long periods. However, 95% of the wine is made to consume within two years, meaning most wines are young wines and can be treated like any Malbec from Argentina or house white wine, and they don’t need a bottle.

Today, 50% of wine’s carbon footprint comes from glass packaging. Glass takes a lot of energy to produce, uses a lot of energy to ship, and in the US, only 30% of the packaging is recycled. 

Alternative packaging, like boxed wine, takes less energy to produce than bottles of wine and is more environmentally friendly than glass bottles. 

In addition, boxed and pouched wine use an airtight spout that slows down the oxidation of the wine and keeps the wine fresher and longer. That means you can pour yourself a half-glass of Moscato or Syrah on Tuesday evening and finish up that boxed wine 30 days after. 

Boxed wine has gotten a bad reputation due to the type of packaged wine.

Most wines packaged in boxes are affordable but filled with additives like Nighthawk, Black Box, Franzia, or Bota Box.

However, in the past few years, winemakers have realized the environmental impact of glass bottles, and wine critics like Eric Asimov and Janice Robinson are purporting the benefits of boxed wine to shift people’s perception. This has encouraged higher-quality producers from Napa, California, to use more eco-friendly packaging like boxed wine.

Handcrafted Organic Alternative to Boxed Wine

While boxed wine is famous in America, Mai Vino seeks to give it a facelift. Instead of filling the bag with wines doused with pesticides, additives, and tannins, Mai Vino’s produces handcrafted and organic, always crafted with intention. We’re a female-founded winery based out of New York on a mission to deliver high-quality wine sustainably. 

Enjoying the aromas of an excellent wine shouldn’t be difficult, expensive, or harmful to the environment. We’re proud to create some of the best wines free from pesticides and herbicides.

We provide a fun and eco-friendly alternative to boxed wines. Unlike boxed wines, we have liberated the bag from the box to reduce the amount of packaging used. 

Enjoying your wine from our signature pouches rather than from a glass bottle reduces wine’s carbon footprint by 80% — that’s something to toast to.

Check out our online wine store to browse our current selection of the best wines online. From dry Rosé to Sauv Blancs to Pinot Noir, we’ve got something for everyone. We ship wines through our eCommerce store to over 17 states; however, if you prefer to visit your local wine store, we’re also available in over 270 physical retail locations; just use our wine store locator to find some Mai Vino Sauvignon Blanc, or other varietals near you!