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taste over 200 wines at the 8th annual NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting

🤔thoughts from me, mai!

hi hi! It seems like the ice is starting to thaw and the 🌞sun & 💪guns are coming out. Since the weather never seems to be nuanced anymore, we suspect the summer weather will be hitting us in full force in the next few weeks. We thinks that at-home wine sipping might be going out of style (fingers crossed), which means… the Rose season is almost upon us!!! 🙌

We’ve been hard at work tasting lots of wines to find you the perfect warm-weather sipper.

Stay tuned for developments :) 🤞



🍽where to wine or dine this week in NYC

deliciousness that doesn’t require the animal kingdom check out SanBK a year-long pop-up in BK that delivers plant-based food. Daniel Beedle serves at the 🤵🏻head sommelier who has done a fantastic job finding wines that will pair well with foods that 🙅‍♀️lack butter and animal fat.

taste over 200 wines of new york at the rainbow room at the 8th annual NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting at The Rainbow Room, high atop Rockefeller Center in New York City. In addition to wine, there will also be a spread of New York 🧀cheeses and charcuterie with artisanal bread and sweet butter to line your tummies.

🧐wine talk

rose keeps on getting lighter colored...over the last 15 years, figures from the 🌹rosé center show that the color intensity index of rosés worldwide has dropped by around 60%. the trend has emerged in part because a darker color is often mistakenly correlated with sweeter wines, and consumer tastes have shifted heavily toward dry and refreshing rosés.

wanna date? show me your fridge... it better have wine. John Stonehill believes that refrigerators are a treasure trove of clues and insights into your potential mate. The first time he got invited back to his now-wife’s home, he headed straight for the refrigerator and then straight down the aisle 🤣. It might not all be 🧙‍♀️hocus pocus - a study tracked 43,685 women, ages 50 to 77, and found that those who rarely consumed 🍷wine were 29 to 41 percent more likely to be depressed. Perhaps what’s good for the body (in moderation) is also good for the mind! 😁

al gore tells the wine industry to act on the global emergency of climate change While there is a growing trend towards more ♻️sustainable practices, most of the wine industry as a whole has not yet woken up to this issue. One of the best ways to reduce wine’s carbon footprint is by opting for lighter bottles or ditching the glass altogether - which is why we like the pouch because it reduces wine's carbon footprint by 80%. 💪

hybrid grapes are becoming a thing? Hybrid grapes 🍇are crossesbetween the European vine and various native wild American vines 🧜‍♂️. Eastern U.S. embraced them because they could survive ⛄️icy winters, but many of the wines produced simple jelly-jar flavors unappealing to serious wine drinkers. But now.. thanks to some renegade wine makers - they’re starting to gain some respect. However, according to the scientists, it might just be because we’re getting use to that grapey taste. Curious - check out this list of wines for some hybrid inspo.

📖what we're reading OR 📺 watching this week let’s all say hi to kelly delaney! she is our book worm 🐛in resident and will be sharing her weekly picks with us. she’s an editor @ penguin random house and loves sippin’ wine during her readin’ time 🙃

a self-aware account of what it means to have privilege Such Good Work by Johannes Lichtman follows a creative writing teacher recovering from an opiate addiction as he moves from America to Sweden, where he begins working with Middle Eastern refugees (Sweden took in more refugees per capita than any other European nation at the onset of the crisis, which coincided with a rise in far-right parties there). We're not reading too much by straight white dudes right now, but this is a smart, wry, self-aware account of what it means to have privilege, how to use it, and how it's impossible to not be a little bit of an asshole while you do. Do your own good work by pairing this read with Middle Eastern Wine - we know that may be hard to find - but we recommend going to your local store and just asking for something from Israel, Lebanon, or Turkey :).

👋have something you want to learn more about or less about? email us at with any feedback! 


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