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grew up on baby carrots 🥕? well it’s likely that you like cork-tainted wine.

🤨where in the world is dat vineyard? 👆👆👆

in Yunnan province in china 🤯​​LVMH has invested heavily in a vineyard near Shangri-La at the Himalayan foothills (pictured). And it is an utterly spell-binding mountain terroir – which has no equivalent anywhere else on the planet. The steeply terraced vineyards are at a breath-taking (almost literally) 2,200-2,600m – hence the name Ao Yun, which means flying or roaming above the clouds.

🧐wine talk

nyc wine critic Eric Asimov tells wine school readers to try top mass produced wines in the US readership revolts ✊while Eric is left to dissect the comments from those that love the wines and those that don’t. Though over on this camp, we’re not a fan of his selections - Apothic Red California Winemaker’s Blend 2016, $10; Meiomi Monterey County/Santa Barbara County/Sonoma County Pinot Noir 2016, $18; The Prisoner Napa Valley Red Wine 2017, $42 - because number one they are overly processed for our tastes and quite expensive on top of that - we do agree that to know why wine, you must experience the good and the bad.

grew up on baby carrots 🥕? well it’s likely that you like cork-tainted wine. UC Davis professor Linda Bisson, who has been teaching at UC Davis a wine introductory class for 30 years, noticed an alarming trend - her students year over year increasingly could not identify cork taint - and in fact if they did, they liked the aroma. She finally made the connection that baby carrots - have a high-risk for developing TCA - the same chemical compound that infects wine corks. So, what was once an aroma that should induce a gag reflex, is now linked to pleasant memories of childhood.

 🍽where to wine or dine this week

hottest desert of the burnt ⬛️this shrek like cheesecake was birthed at La Viña in Spain’s San Sebastián, a neighborhood snack joint. New York’s Dominque Ansel, viral dessert master is jumping on the bandwagon and making his own version at Dominique Ansel Kitchen, starting Feb. 13….and it’s already sold-out 😖. Don’t have time to wait for that thirst pic? Stay at home and make your own with Food52’s recipe

 📖what we're reading this week

listen to “Becoming’  - Michelle Obama’s memoir an intimate look into her rise from modest origins to the White House. PRO TIP from newsletter reader Kelly - “the audiobook is especially good - she reads it herself!” 🙌


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