Pinot Noir No. 5

$139.00 (2 pouches)

Pinot Noir No. 5
Pinot Noir No. 5 Pinot Noir No. 5 Pinot Noir No. 5 Pinot Noir No. 5
  • 👌WHY ME 

      I'm a Chilean Pinot Noir that arose from a mixture of limestone and volcanic soil. Warm days ripened me to perfection, while cool breezes sweeping down the Andes kept me from overheating. As a result, I’m a bright, juicy red fruit tempered by a soft earthy mouthfeel.

      GRAPES: 100% Pinot Noir

      REGION: Curicó Valley, Chile 

      ALC: 13.6% 

      VINTAGE: 2017  

      VOL: 1.5L (the equivalent of 2 x bottles)
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Cherene Zito
    Best wine and People

    I’m a Pinot lover and have been so happy to find Maivino and have been with them a few years now. Wonderful wine and Great humans.

    Maria Mencia
    Great Pinot Noir

    I received the first bagnum as a gift and have not stopped buying the Pinot Noir since. It's smoothe, tastes great and goes with everything. I love the packaging concept.

    Gillian Greaves
    Excellent every day

    Love the Pinot no.5 for every day! I prefer Oregon Pinots, I enjoy super light, super sweet and fruity pinots. Luckily the No. 5 drinks like a Willamette Valley Pinot! Its dry while still full bodied and easy drinking! We love it for a glass, before, during or after dinner. The only issue we have is the fact that its so pourable, we just keep helping ourselves... ;-)

    Christine Miller
    Maivino is m(ai) favorite!

    We first heard of this awesome company and met the lovely owner at a market in Scribner’s lodge upstate. Yummy wine, excellent service, and all around wonderful people. The Sauvignon blanc is crisp and light and the Pinot Noir No. 5 is perfect for a glass (or two) with dinner or after. It’s a nice, easy finish and the perfect accompaniment to all meals heavy or light. So happy we found you, Maivino!

    Dana Kim
    Pure joy!

    I got this for a friend of mine who cannot live without drinking a sip each day.. It was her first time trying out a bagged wine but she LOVED it! Smooth and fruity and pure joy! Will order more in the future :)

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