Sauv Blanc No. 4


Sauv Blanc No. 4
Sauv Blanc No. 4 Sauv Blanc No. 4 Sauv Blanc No. 4 Sauv Blanc No. 4 Sauv Blanc No. 4
  • 👌WHY ME 

        I'm a Sauvignon Blanc that is an extra bright flower with a zippy finish.  I come from Columbia Valley AVA Washington, a region that is most known for its warm days and cold nights, which means I'm a perfect balance of flavor (fruit) and attitude (acid). 

        GRAPES: 85% Sauvignon Blanc spiked with 15% Dry Dry Riesling

        ALC: 12.5% 

         Columbia Valley AVA, Washington

        VINTAGE: 2018 

        VOL: 1.5L (the equivalent of 2 x bottles)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Karima Hassan Hopkins
Light and so drinkable

I love the maivino Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect summer wine.

Alisa N.
don't recommend

Taste like piss, and I not picky about wines. Way too sour. Any other box wine is better for the similar price.

Sarah Durkee
Life-changingly good :)

Remember bottles of wine? How they’d sometimes be too tall for the refrigerator shelf, and take up the same amount of room no matter how little was left? Remember how the taste would go downhill so fast from “mmm!” to meh to feh? Remember how a truly delicious one was always more expensive than you wanted it to be? This wine has changed ALL that :). First, what a perfect bag design, the finger holes, the label’s appealing simplicity, that little red spigot that keeps it forever fresh. Thrillingly, it’s my idea of the perfect Sauv deliciousness, for the perfect price. And they have the best customer service ever, easy ordering and text alerts and delivery, there’s even a friendly little handwritten NOTE in the box from a happy human, are you kidding me?? I could sob. Am such a fan. You will love Maivino. Have had the Sauv, the Rose and the Pinot, all are great. Thanks for asking!

Connie W
Crisp & tastes like summer

Love the packaging so I can come back and get sips of this again and again

Sherina Davis
Sauvignon Blanc perfection

This Sauvignon Blanc spiked with Dry Dry Riesling is smooth and delicious. It pairs well with sweet and savory bites. I purchased as a gift and one to share. Folks loved it! The convenient and sleek package/portable containers are easy to store in any refrigerator, which makes for perfectly chilled pours.

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