thanks to climate change 🌎 we can look forward to great British bubbly

thanks to climate change 🌎 we can look forward to great British bubbly

🤔thoughts from me, mai!

hhhhi!!! We know the Sundays can be scary...but look what randomly amazing things can happen when the week unravels! Nothing makes my heart fuller than seeing wine bring people 👯‍♂️together. LOOK AT THOSE SMILES! Maybe if you look hard enough this week, you'll find some maivino under a subway seat waiting to be shared 😃



🧐wine talk

grape balls of fire 🔥cleave a grape in half, leaving a little skin connecting the two grapes. Blitz it in the microwave for five seconds. For one glorious moment, the grape halves will produce a fireball unfit for domestic life.

thanks to climate change; we can look forward to great british bubbly thirty years ago, making bubbly in the UK was a struggle with vines unable to achieve the perfect 🍇ripeness. Now, with climate change 🌎, the big question is whether Champagne is getting too warm. So be dangerous and get in on the British bubbly.🍾

blockchain everything with the most expensive bottle of wine being auctioned off at $558,000 🤑in 2018 and fine wine fraud being rampant (let us not forgot the fascinating story of wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan), the fine wine industry is looking at blockchain to avoid looking dumb and getting “got” 😤

🍽where to wine or dine  this week

have an intimate dinner party with a wine professional at Niche Niche in NYC which just opened this February, you can enjoy wines from a specific 🇮🇹Italian region paired with an Italian menu from Tokyo Record Bar chef Zach Fabian. Other evening themes could be 🎶Sound of Music and wines of Austria, 1960s country club, or👭women in wine. Four four-ounce pours is $40, and dinner is an additional $40, separated so people can come in just to go for wine.

📖what we're reading OR 📺 watching this week

cutest 3-minute video that’ll get your tears flowing this animated short won an academy award last weekend and is a true tear-jerker 😭. In “Bao,” an aging Chinese mom suffering from empty nest syndrome gets another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings springs to life as a lively 🥟dumpling boy.

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