sunday got us dreamin' bout a 🍗chicken parm & red bubbly 🍷

sunday got us dreamin' bout a 🍗chicken parm & red bubbly 🍷

🤔thoughts from me, mai 

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🍽sunday dinner inspo

self-care meets chicken parm forget the virtuous clean eating, Carey Polis talks about how self-care is about making the mind and body feel good - on that list - 🍗chicken parm. Feeling inspired? Try out Melissa’s Clark 5 star rated parm and pair it with a fun red dry bubbly 🍾-  Lambrusco (takes about one hour to cook, so get yo’self to the grocery store!🛒)

🧐wine talk

wine and weed go together like love and marriage jamie evans, and herb somm says that there are a lot of commonalities between wine and weed - “Cannabis is just as complex 🤓as wine,” she says. “There are a lot of similarities in the aromas and the flavors of cannabis and wine. Even the terroir of wine can be applied to cannabis.”

master somm’s brains are healthier than normal people in 2016 results showed that master somm’s exhibited thicker and healthier tissue in the entorhinal cortex 🧠- the brain’s memory center while a more recent study looked at wine students at various points in their training, from which they saw positive brain changes over time.

rosé isn’t a drink, it’s a way of life from vodka, to mustard flavored rose, perhaps the 🌹rosé craze has gotten a little out of hand….our fave quote - “You could probably put the word ‘rosé’ on a bottle of Robitussin, and it would move units at this point.” On that note who is excited for our rosé? 🙃

🧐where to wine or dine this week

part bbq joint, part naturalist cooking, from Ducks Eatery has been around for six years now, and consistently offers one of the most exciting menus in the city. From 🍉 whole smoked watermelon ham (it's a veg dish if you're wondering) to 🐐goat neck (for two) they are always experimenting and pushing to restore heritage techniques of cooking and preservation.

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