best sommelier in the world finds that women taste wine better than men do

best sommelier in the world finds that women taste wine better than men do

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hi! happy mother's day to all the mother's and mother's to be!
if you're still looking for a mother's day gift eep! 😬... we think we might have some wines that she might enjoy 😉 or just hit her up with some flowers 💐 (known to deliver natural dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin hit).
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🧐wine talk

your wine bottle habit is contributing to climate change over the last 20 years; wine marketers have come to believe that the public associates thick, heavy wine bottles with higher-quality wines. The heavier the bottles 🍾, the more people would be willing to pay for them. But guess what, the ♻️environmental cost of heavy bottles, from their production to the carbon cost of shipping them 📦, is high. Moving away from heavy bottles (bottles in general!) is something wineries have the power to address, and ✊consumers have the power to impact.  
organic wines have a deadly carbon footprint A few years ago a research project concluded that organic vineyards have a 22 percent higher CO2 footprint than traditional vineyards. Another critical point is that the copper, often used as a natural alternative to treating mildew in the fields, is believed to have negatively impacted soil. Though the debate rages on, we believe there should be 🤓healthy scrutiny of the numerous claims made by advocates of organic and biodynamic viticulture.
can’t smell that note, blame your genes a new study, provides new evidence of how extraordinarily different one person’s 👃“smellscape” may be from another’s. It’s not that some people are generally better smellers, like someone else may have better eyesight, it’s that any one person might experience certain scents more intensely than their peers.
aldo sohm, named best sommelier in the world finds that women taste wine better than men do.  “Men just have a hard time admitting it! We men make it up with training, we make it up with ego. We men care about ‘is the ‘96 vintage better than the ‘04. - I must say...I do love his honesty 🤣

🍽sunday dinner inspo

forget dinner, let's just indulge in a crackling crust, pudding middle. a 15 minute recipe from Maialino Restaurant for Olive Oil Cake is exactly what the doctored ordered on this ☔️rainy Sunday.

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an under-represented history You might have glimpsed There, There's bright orange jacket--it was on almost every best-of-the-year list at the end of 2018. It's newly out in paperback, and the interior is as striking as the cover 📚. This story follows multiple characters as they converge on the Big Oakland Powwow, each for their own reasons. The Native American perspective is woefully under-represented, and this delicately-woven tale is jarring and thoughtful, but very accessible.

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