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did you know...not all rieslings are sweet 🚫🍭

 🏙maivino around town (NYC)

we're starting a monthly in-person maivino wine series for our VIP members in NYC. Our first event will be a three-course pizza & wine pairing party at Maude's Winter Studio 💥💥Sunday February 17th.💥💥 We're crafting the pizza menu with Quality Pizza Co. and testing some wines that you've been bugging us launch (rose & red ☺️). On top of that, we'll have a tarot card reader who won't sugarcoat her readings. Intrigued? Stay tuned for more details coming next week :).

here's what you missed last week! We've teamed up with the Strand Book Store x Ash + Chess x GRL Supply to bring the women of the NYC area a collection of really cute templates and designs to utilize in making signs. All proceeds went to the New York Women's Foundation 💪

🧐wine talk

did you know...not all rieslings are sweet 🚫🍭Although it's usually associated with being sweet - a lot of the supply is BONE dry. It's also insanely food friendly and pairs exceptionally well with Asian & Indian cuisine. PRO TIP! If you want to dip your toe into Riesling look for ones with an alcohol level above ⬆️11%. During winemaking, the yeast will convert the sugars into alcohol making it dry. Since we don't have a Riesling in a pouch...YET😝 are some of our fave New York Riesling producers that we would gladly pouch:

  • Dr. Konstantin Frank the winemaker that put Finger Lakes wines on the map📍 
  • Herman J. Weiner  has a delicious collection of rieslings & sparkling ones if you're looking for a little bubble
  • Boundary Breaks  a younger winery but probably the region’s fastest-rising star

a woman just living her best wine life has been banned from Walmart for cruising around in an electric shopping cart with a can of Pringles filled with wine 👻 

🧐where to wine in NYC this week

rieslingfeier is back. Did you know that at the turn of the 19th century, German rieslings were more expensive than the grandest reds of Bordeaux? At Rieslingfeier (celebration of Riesling), happening this Saturday on January 19th, you can attend a Gala BYOB dinner which will put you out by $345, OR you can go to the Grand Tasting which will showcase the yummiest Riesling estates in Germany & Austria for $35.

📖what we're reading this week

the best we could - an illustrated memoir by thi bui This graphic novel is a tearjerker 😭- if your eyes don't well up with tears from the title, you're a 👹JK. This illustrated novel is from a daughter of Vietnamesea refugee who came to America after the fall of Saigon. This autobiographical story explores how Thi learns what it means to be a parent by finding out her parent's origin story. 


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