make badass signs 👩‍🎨 for the Women’s March at the Strand Book Store

make badass signs 👩‍🎨 for the Women’s March at the Strand Book Store

🏙maivino around town (NYC)

make badass signs for the Women’s March on January 19th at the iconic Strand Book Store while drinking some vino & eating cookies 🍪. We've teamed up with Ash + Chess x GRL Supply to bring the women of the NYC area a collection of really cute templates and designs to utilize in making signs. Proceeds will go to the New York Women's Foundationand you can sign up 👉🏽here. 

🧐wine talk

in 2019, whatever helps you be more mindful about drinking is a GOOD thing. ​On one hand, nymag says stop bragging about dry January because it’s a (minor) test of willpower that helps demonstrate to the world that you are a person who can live a life that is at least moderately healthy for four weeks at a time...while other studies say they found that 88% of those who jump on the dry January bandwagon save money, 80% feel more in control of their drinking and 58% loose weight.

drink 😋GOOD wine, not😎COOL wines "I’m pretty over “natural wine.” Not wine that is made using sustainable and environmentally viable methods. [Rather] I am hoping to see an end to the catchall category of “natural wine,” where the story is much better than what’s in the bottle. I don’t want to taste flawed wines because someone else thinks they are cool in 2019." – Cedric Nicaise, wine director at Eleven Madison Park in New York. Not sure what natural wine is? While there is NO official definition, it's an approach to winemaking that uses little to no chemical or technological manipulation. Here is some vocab to get you started: 

  • sulfites Nearly all wines contain naturally occurring sulfites, but natural-wine makers argue that adding any extra can dull the wine's vibrancy. Let’s be real - Producers of low-sulfite vintages add to them only “as needed”—perhaps a bit at bottling to keep them stable—while sulfite-free wines go completely unadorned. For some reason, the wine industry has been plagued with fear of sulfites. However... funny thing 🧐DRIED FRUITS HAVE 10X MORE SULFITES THAN WINE. 
  • pét-nat is a technique that has become a genre in its own right. Technically speaking, pét-nat is made when a wine is bottled before the fermenting is done, so it takes on a spirited fizz as it finishes up. It can be made with just about any grape, can be hazy and cloudy or clean and refined, and is casual by definition.
  • biodynamics is a set of farming principles that considers the vineyard as a self-sustaining ecosystem. Levels of commitment range from bio-curious to so deeply committed that you bury a cow's horn filled with manure in the ground. Either way, the lesson is simple: Treat your grapes nicely and they'll make nice wine.
  • funk(y) is the most used word to describe natural wine. Most often, it refers to the barnyard smell of the yeast Brettanomyces, or “Brett,” which is pleasantly earthy in small doses. Like funk itself, faults (like Brett or vinegary, volatile acidity) are subjective. If a wine smells like a garage, decant it for an hour and the gassiness will blow off.

🧐where to wine this week

get your wine on at a randomly placed Apres Ski Chalet behind Cafe Select. You can sip on mulled wine $ nosh on raclette. What’s not to ❤️

📖what we're reading this week

forget your weekend plans and read 🅱️ad 🅱️lood . An enthralling & quick read about the rise and fall of the 🦄unicorn startup Theranos and its 19-year-old founder Elizabeth Holmes. She promised to revolutionize health care but ultimately prioritized being a "disruptor" instead of do-er, defrauding investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars as well as deceiving doctors and patients.

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