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      Enjoy the best of both worlds - one bag of Pinot Noir from Curico Valley Chile, one bag Sauvignon Blanc and one bag of Rosé from Columbia Valley in Washington. We make beautiful easy-drinking wines minimal additives and intervention. 

      • PINOT NOIR BATCH No. 5

        I'm a 100% Vegan Chilean Pinot Noir that arose from a mixture of limestone and volcanic soil. Warm days ripened me to perfection, while cool breezes sweeping down the Andes kept me from overheating. As a result, I'm a bright, juicy red fruit tempered by a soft earthy mouthfeel. 

        GRAPES: 100% Organic Pinot Noir 

        REGION: Curicó Valley, Chile 

        ALC: 13.6%

        VINTAGE: 2017

        VOL: 1.5L (the equivalent of 2 x bottles)

        SAUV BLANC BATCH No. 4

        I'm a Sauvignon Blanc that is an extra bright flower with a zippy finish. I come from Columbia Valley AVA Washington, a region that is most known for its warm days and cold nights, which means I'm a perfect balance of flavor (fruit) and attitude (acid).

        GRAPES: 85% Sauvignon Blanc spiked with 15% Dry Dry Riesling

        REGION: Columbia Valley AVA, Washington

        ALC: 12.3%

        VINTAGE: 2018

        VOL: 1.5L (the equivalent of 2 x bottles)
        ROSÉ BATCH No. 4

        I'm an eccentric Rosé made of Syrah­­ — a red grape that brings a zesty lime attitude, spiked with Riesling — a white grape that's the ultimate peach. I pair best with BBQs, spice, and life.

        GRAPES: 70% Syrah spiked with 30% Dry Dry Riesling

        ALC: 11.4% 

         Columbia Valley AVA, Washington

        VOL: 1.5L (the equivalent of 2 x bottles)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Helen Mazzilli
Very happy

Tasted the wines at the Brooklyn Museum of art and decided to purchase the sauvignon, rose and Pino. I have since purchased the auto delivery and couldn't be happier. Delicious wine, very satisfied.

Jane Song
Wishing for something bolder

Love the idea of bagged wine, the packaging and functionality were perfect. Just wish the wines themselves weren’t quite so light, personally. I prefer wines with a bit more body. But the lightness does make the wines very drinkable, and they’d be nice to use in wine cocktails. Hoping we can get more options in the future for some variety!

Danielle Sansone

I tried the Pinot and the Rosè and both were delicious ! I highly recommend buying fir yourself or a nice gift to bring to a friends home. Delivery was super fast!

Anthony Piaskowy
Yes, but.....

I loved the first three bags from my order! I brought them along on my national parks tour of Utah (easy to pack in my checked bag) and it was just the perfect wine quality and packaging for a location with few wine options. Love love love.

Fast forward 3 weeks after I returned from my trip when I went to drink the other three bags. Something had happened, because all of the remaining bags were undrinkable. I stored them on the bottom shelf of my liquor cabinet, which has never been a problem for wine storage in the past, and then chilled them for a day before I planned to open them. When I opened the chilled bags of Rose, Pinot Nior and Sauv Blanc all three were bad. I tried the Pinot a day later and it was worse.

I'm not sure how three bags in my order were fine and three were spoiled--if it was something about my storage or delayed consumption, or something else. Even though this was my second order from Maivino and I had no issues with the first sample of the three wines, I am hesitant to buy again since I just had to dump the equivalent of a half case of wine down the drain. I would be curious to know if there was a recent production issue making some wines bad and/or if others have had a similar experience.

Lastly, I will say that I love the idea behind this--for parties in the park or camping trips--and i really want to continue to purchase from them, but for this price I don't want it to go bad due to my errors or worse that its not always good quality/production.

Debra Harrop
Every day drinking

Lighter tasting and mouth feel makes this wine an easy one to pair with many types of food. Also pleasing to all my friends’ diverse pallets.

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