Rosé No. 7

$139.00 (2 pouches)

Rosé No. 7
Rosé No. 7 Rosé No. 7 Rosé No. 7 Rosé No. 7
  • 👌WHY ME 

        I'm an eccentric Rosé made of Syrah­­ — a red grape that brings a zesty lime attitude, spiked with Riesling — a white grape that's the ultimate peach. I pair best with BBQs, spice, and life.

        GRAPES: 70% Syrah spiked with 30% Dry Dry Riesling

        ALC: 11.4% 

         Columbia Valley AVA, Washington

        VOL: 1.5L (the equivalent of 2 x bottles)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Marie Joseph

Rosé No. 7

Rośe All day

This wine has been a hit with me and my friends. Definitely great for traveling to picnics with. Love it!

Brooklyn Mom
Give this Rose a try

it's a perfect summer wine, not sweet, delicate tasting - maybe a little "too" drinkable, but it is 2 bottles in a bag, so it lasts awhile.... Service and convenience factor are great.

Debbie Z
My Happy Place

This wine has become my Happy Place. I received a sample to try and instantly fell in love, and have since returned to purchase multiple pouches (Rose and Sauv Blanc are my faves). Here's what's so great about them: cool packaging that's easily transportable, freshness factor (the flavor stays INTACT- so different than a bottle that's been open in your fridge for a while!), the convenience of home delivery, and a great price. Not only that, but I love earning grape bucks as rewards, too. "It's mai time!" has become a new favorite saying of mine. And mai time is, like, any time, because you can carry the pouch anywhere. lol Gift this to someone or to yourself- you'll be happy you did!!

Katie T.
Lovely and Refreshing!

Sipped this on the beach and fell in love! It's really yummy, not too sweet, and perfect for Summer!

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