Sauv Blanc No. 4


Sauv Blanc No. 4
Sauv Blanc No. 4 Sauv Blanc No. 4 Sauv Blanc No. 4 Sauv Blanc No. 4 Sauv Blanc No. 4
  • 👌WHY ME 

        I'm a Sauvignon Blanc that is an extra bright flower with a zippy finish.  I come from Columbia Valley AVA Washington, a region that is most known for its warm days and cold nights, which means I'm a perfect balance of flavor (fruit) and attitude (acid). 

        GRAPES: 85% Sauvignon Blanc spiked with 15% Dry Dry Riesling

        ALC: 12.5% 

         Columbia Valley AVA, Washington

        VINTAGE: 2018 

        VOL: 1.5L (the equivalent of 2 x bottles)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
maivino is my new obsession!

Not only do these wines come packaged in the coolest form (I lovingly refer to them as 'wine purses'), they also taste amazing (Rose and Sauvignon Blanc are my faves). I've tried all kinds of wines, believe me, and the flavor and quality of these are top notch. The price is awesome and they come RIGHT TO MY DOOR!!! Not only that, but they are easily transported anywhere- on a picnic, by the pool, on the patio. They make great conversation pieces at get togethers and the flavor stays fresh (seemingly forever) in the fridge. To top it off, I love that I can earn grape bucks as an added incentive for ordering. Thanks, maivino, for bringin' a little joy to my life in these tough times!!

After this, no bottle can compare!!

I started ordering this wine during Covid-19 because of their incredible, fast, delivery. Little did I know, I'd never truly enjoy a bottle from the liquor store again. I find myself comparing all other wine to Maivino, because it's just my favorite. The Sav Blanc is so crisp, it'll change your life!! The others are fantastic as well (the rosé is a summer's dream). It doesn't go bad as fast as bottles, the packaging is super sleek. (Yes, it got me IG likes). I show it to everyone I know / share it with my fam!


So delicious!!!

My Wine down

Absolutely love this wine! It's definitely my go to after work. I call it my wine down wine. The flavor is so good. Pairs well with most meals. Highly recommend

Delicious Wine!

I sampled this wine before purchasing and loved it! Each person that I shared it with commented on the delicious flavor. I enjoyed it so much that this is my second purchase and I even bought two bags.

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