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hi! just wanted to let everyone know that we'll be having more events this summer and we're working with brand partners to provide our VIP customers discounts to unique events. our latest partner City Well is kicking off their Jazz & Hydrotherapy night and have gifted us a few discounted tickets. Take a looksie 👀 hope to see you there!
xx 💁🏻‍♀️mai

🏙maivino around town (NYC)

wine.jazz.soak.steam.  Come chill with us this Thursday, May 23rd at Citywell - a modern outdoor 🛁bathhouse in Brooklyn. The Arthur Askerov Trio will serenade 🎷you while you lounge, steam, sauna, and sip on our latest batch releases - Rose No.2 and White No.3. We’ve been able to score tickets for maivino fam for $45 (originally $65). To nab this discount use JAZZMAIVINO at checkout. Limited tickets are available.

🧐wine talk

if you’re buying wine under $30, buy a screw cap (OR a pouch or can) Montana State University used grocery store sales data from over one million wine purchases from 2009 to 2012 in ten large U.S. markets and determined that American shoppers are willing to pay about $1 more on average (approximately an eight percent price increase 📈) for wine with a cork. This finding is especially interesting - If we assume that two average bottles of wine are of equal quality regardless of closure type, and people are paying a $1 premium for wine with a cork, then, in theory, spending that same amount on a screw cap bottle of wine would mean you’re getting a better value wine.

it’s always about what’s on the inside canned wine is exploding🔥and for the first time, people are putting a better quality product in the can.  Eric Asimov, NYTimes wine critic says, “For people who already love wine, even the most narrow-minded should embrace the can, just as they should boxed wines, as a rational container for easy-drinking wines intended to be consumed without aging.” We’re all in for that! 👏

bordeaux, the world’s most famous wine region is prepping for climate change Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur — have just been granted permission by the French government to do something that, until recently, was unthinkable 🤯. They will be permitted to use non-Bordeaux grapes in their wines. As climate change impacts winegrower’s ability to grow its 🍇classic grapes (cabernet sauvignon and merlot), regions will need to look at new grape varietals that are better suited to grow in this new climate ☀️.

🍽food inspo

upgrade your bbq game this memorial day with a variety of bbq sauces from around the U.S 🍔🥩🌭

📖what kelly is reading this week

let’s all say hi to kelly! she is our book worm in residence and will be sharing her weekly picks with us. she’s an editor @penguin random house and loves sippin’ wine during her readin’ time. :)

Sip along with your favorite Clover As the title suggests, Gabrielle Union's memoir We're Going to Need More Wine is best enjoyed with a glass in hand! In addition to being an actress and the wife of an NBA superstar, Gabrielle is an activist and has been speaking up for women since long before #metoo hit Hollywood. This collection of essays is hilarious and raw, and a great listen on audiobook, which the author reads herself. Gabrielle herself likes natural wines, so we suggest you join her with some maivino.

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