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free wine & dating advice 😻

🤔thoughts from me, mai!

If you’re wondering who that cute lil' fellah below is - it’s the🐭 mouse of Tio Pepe - a prominent 🍷 winery in Jerez de la Frontera. As the story goes, one of the winery workers felt sorry for this little mouse who lived in the cellar but never got to feast on its treats. So...they built a little ladder so he could booze in style. CUTE...but the real story is that this little mouse was a nuisance that kept on nibbling on the casks that were laid on the floor of the cellar... so the winery worker created a boozy distraction to keep him out of trouble 🙃

🏙maivino around town (NYC)

free wine & dating advice imbibe on some maivino wine🍷and join NYC-based dating coach Clara Artschwager for a fresh take on dating in the 📱digital age, where she'll share insights and practices for approaching modern dating from a place of intention, empowerment, and self-compassion. (yes, that might mean no more Insta-stalking.) Sign up to reserve your complimentary tickets here.

🍽where to wine or dine this week in NYC

a low-key french bistro in SoHo that has held on to its classic 70s new york vibes Raouls started off in the 70s as a place where journalists hung out and then became an after-hours place after TV producer Lorne Michaels arrived with his crew from SNL. From there, 👩‍🎨 SoHo artists, dealers, and 👨‍🎤celebrities like Rober De Niro, Al Pacino, Kate Moss, and Johnny Depp began to stream the doors and became regulars. If you’re looking to escape the tourist bustle of SoHo, stop by Raouls, grab a seat at the bar, order a 🍔 french onion burger (only twelve are made each night!!!) and pair it with a martini 🍸.



taste over 200 wines of new york at the rainbow room at the 8th annual NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting at The Rainbow Room, high atop Rockefeller Center in New York City. In addition to wine, there will also be a spread of New York 🧀cheeses and charcuterie with artisanal bread and sweet butter to line your tummies.

🧐wine talk

america’s fave lil treat is a glass of wine on the couch...66% of people surveyed revealed they enjoy a nice glass of 🍷 wine at home. America’s favorite place to enjoy wine is no longer an expensive restaurant - I mean when by the glass wines are $12-$15💰, having one at a fraction of the cost on a comfy 🛋 couch sounds pretty alluring.

summer beach bod diets that don’t ask you to give up the vino research has shown that, even if you are dieting in order to lose weight, you don't have to omit wine from your lifestyle 💪. In fact, some of today's most popular diets allow (and, in some cases, encourage!) moderate wine consumption. Best ones to try out - Ketogenic (I’ve been a popular fan of this one because meat and cheese is also on it 😋), Mediterranean diet, Anti-inflammatory diet, Gluten-free diet, or WW Freestyle.

apparently you can make wine in your instant pot It starts with a 64-ounce bottle of Welch's grape juice, a cup of sugar, a packet of Lalvin Red Wine Yeast and clear packing tape, if you can believe it 🤭 The process is pretty daunting -- and can take up to a month to get the perfect taste, so we won't bother paraphrasing all the technical things you have to do to make your own wine. You can see the full recipe here.

📖what we're reading OR 📺 watching this week

let’s all say hi to kelly delaney! she is our book worm 🐛in resident and will be sharing her weekly picks with us. she’s an editor @ penguin random house and loves sippin’ wine during her readin’ time 🙃

making stuffy traditions feel modern and personal The graphic novel Something New by Lucy Knisley chronicles the author's experience of planning a wedding and trying to stay true to herself while wading through the 🤑consumerism-laden quagmire that is today's 👰bridal industry. Whether you're engaged and wedding planning yourself, married and reflecting back on it, or single with no intention of experiencing this firsthand anytime soon, this is a funny and relatable look at how to balance tradition with modern values. Enjoy it with an updated classic like unoaked california chardonnay.

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